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welcome to fucking 2017 Only bad thing was the music. Was a lil' annoying. But gr8 wrk m8

Lost my shit at potatos xD
Just fokkin gr8


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Nice but there are loads of medals and exams where I got no clue how to get 'em at all

But one question...

You guys alway referred your character to yourselfs or people who worked behind the game...
Who is she?

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Very rythmic, very melodical, very experimental though, never heard any dubstep tune like this. I like it. I think Dubstep's your thing. I like this one better than the other tune, though the other one's good aswell. I personally would say, work with the bass like a drumkit in Metal. Make it hard when it's loud and make it soft when it's quiet/soft. After all I somehow missed something in this tune. I dunno what it was, probably something like a climax which almost every tune has that I know. I mean as far as I know, dubstep builds up to a climax point where everything gets dropped as hard as possible. A.K.A. Skrillex dropping a big pile of doo doo if you know what I mean ;D

However, try to experiment with some more genres and find out if there's something that you're maybe much much better in. I mean you're rn a better musician than most people I review, cos mostly I'm here to help ppl get the basics or advanced things. You, my friend, probably have the stuff either in your blood or already know that basic and avdvanced stuff and now need to either find your personal top genre or work in the genre you like and learn the details for that.

But it won't hurt learning the basics of the details from other genres. ;) Maybe it helps creating something completely new, just imagine the possibilites.

Anyway, keep doing what you do and you will improve :) As said, you're on the right side of the road.

Dodecagon34 responds:

Thanks for all the advice man. As a matter of fact, I've made it a personal goal to tackle as many different sub genres as I can. My next target is drum and bass, and it's about 80% done right now. Will probably finish sometime this week.

It's not bad, but it feels like it's missing something/it could be better, the thing is - I am really fckn bad at making beats. But I'd still use this to rap on that. I just think you could use this loop and expand it a little bit more. I feel like the base melody could be worked out until you get a complete song.

I suggest trying to make a song out of it - even if it'll sound bad first, just try and try until it sounds good, get some critique on NG and work on it again.

Which btw. is how you progress in being a creator on this platform ;)

However, I can't say I could've done any better but I ain't a standard for that. What I wanna say is - you're on the right side of the road, you just need to go further and have the braveness to accept mistakes. I just think you uploaded this because you were scared of mistakes / bad ideas.

Lemme tell you - there are no bad ideas and if you have "no idea" what to add, you're in the wrong profession. But you're not. So what you have is too much ideas. And when you start realizing that, you can work on how you work on your ideas, how you filter out the good ideas and how to make a sick tune.

But first things first - just start. Somewhere. Or actually, continue working on this tune. I'm sure it'll be sick AF when you're done. - When you're actually done ;)

DJ-Silent responds:

Thanks you, your review made my day, im working by now in some remixes, not because im out of ideas, is because im still learning how to use FX studio and audicity, but i really could make a full versiĆ³n of this song, thank you very much

Being real honest here - sure you got some more potential to pull out, I can hear that you aren't as experienced as some musicians making actual money with their songs but this track shows off where you wanna go and it shows it off pretty well. This is a tune I'd upload to Spotify if I were you, cos I'd put it definitely into my playlist.

My tips on getting better - just continue doing more tunes, work on them until you like them, think of what you've learned so far and you'll be good2go

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deathink responds:

Itchy, tasty... oh wait, that's something else/

You know I'm more the one for the long reviews...but today...


Okay, now to the in-depth one.
Everything's cool. But the pentagrams. They're uneven. I think you know that 'cos of Kirky. Okay okay, one thing. The figurine. It's unclear if he goes away and looks back or just stand with his weapon behind him, looking to the viewer. You should clear that by practice more. This comes with experience. So do everything. Just keep on sailin' matey!

4.5/5 Stars
Great but still some stuff to do.

demon1000 responds:

Thanks Man! i will make a reboot soon...

Nice pixelart.
Could work a bit more on shadows. Just a tiny tinie bit but that'll come with experience.
Just the missing space in "OH NO!IF..." is a bit awkward.

After all - great job d00d!
4.5/5 Stars

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