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Killgar of Killgaria Killgar of Killgaria

Rated 5 / 5 stars


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deathink responds:

Itchy, tasty... oh wait, that's something else/

Left and Right Brain Left and Right Brain

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great execution, nice idea, I won't see this scientifically.
Your shadows are pretty good, well you could put more work in the fine lines on the right one. I see you put more work in the shadows on the left fella as on the right.
After all it could use more color. You have a colorful background but the figurines are blank. Just pure black and white. Which let it looks like it's not done.

After all
4/5 Stars
Great work, keep it going!

SirWaffleThe3rd responds:

I messed up on the shadows on the right brain character. I will admit that. Thanks for the review. I'm thinking of adding a bit of color and fixing the shadows for a re-upload / remake.

Death's Favor Teaser Death's Favor Teaser

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You know I'm more the one for the long reviews...but today...


Okay, now to the in-depth one.
Everything's cool. But the pentagrams. They're uneven. I think you know that 'cos of Kirky. Okay okay, one thing. The figurine. It's unclear if he goes away and looks back or just stand with his weapon behind him, looking to the viewer. You should clear that by practice more. This comes with experience. So do everything. Just keep on sailin' matey!

4.5/5 Stars
Great but still some stuff to do.

demon1000 responds:

Thanks Man! i will make a reboot soon...

Comic Sans Comic Sans

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice. I really love Undertale.
The thing foor me is, he looks kinda too bold and his eye shines blue instead of green. Yeah I know art'n'stuff but that's my opinion.

Now to the neutral opinion.
Gr8 work d00d. Nothing left to say, there's everything okay lacks a bit of background. [SPOILER]
Maybe the church? You know the hallway where it goes to ASGORE.

Now to the fanboy opinion.
SANS *_* ♥

All in all
4.5/5 Stars
You really work'd you to the BONE didn't 'ya?

SirWaffleThe3rd responds:

Thanks for your review. I wanted to do the church background, but I got sick and uploaded this prematurely.

Attack On Newgrounds Attack On Newgrounds

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I know shingeki no kyojin as good as I know Newgrounds.
Lemme tell ya, you did an awesome work bro.
No wonder for the frontpage, you did a great job.

5/5 Stars
Keep' on sailin' bro!

TheOverGhoul responds:

Thanks man.

If I was A Cat Looking For Adventure... If I was A Cat Looking For Adventure...

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice pixelart.
Could work a bit more on shadows. Just a tiny tinie bit but that'll come with experience.
Just the missing space in "OH NO!IF..." is a bit awkward.

After all - great job d00d!
4.5/5 Stars

Xanoten: A different Galaxy... Xanoten: A different Galaxy...

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great work - well done.
Just this...smiley face up there xDD

4.5/5 Stars
Keep your work up bro!

demon1000 responds:

Oh no not again XD!!! Yeah i forgot about that area so yeah it looks like a smiley... Thanks again! Still improving though...

The Lone Survivor The Lone Survivor

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Looks pretty neat. It's nice to see some good pixel artists here.

I have a little thing or two to criticise at your art. First, those 2 black strings in the glass up there, looks quite unclear if these are cracks or something else in the glass and the second - sit back and look as far as possible on your work, if you don't see it, close your eyes until you see only a little gap of light and see on your work. You see what I see? Yeah, the body is way brighter than the whole head. I see you want to use a little bit of lightning works in there but you know, not the whole head is a shadow.

4/5 Stars
Good work! Keep going!

demon1000 responds:

Thanks man for pointing That Out! And I am still getting into pixel art so yeah...early stuff...Thanks again!

Dino in the Desert Dino in the Desert

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I still don't know if you are a troll or not, I think you are something between 4chan, NG and "Yeeeh!" you know? But anyway, I'm here to review your art not you :P

So yeah, the proportions may be good but the sun shines from the background to the dinosaur, your shadows aren't all accurate, the cloud needs to hang a bit higher or put it away at all, it's unclear if it's a normal cloud or just smoke from the Dino's nose, who is then maybe a drake? Just take the cloud away and it should look fine.

The birds are 'nice' but those things kinda remind me on my child drawings where you use to put the sun always in the corner with some birds flying into it like fecking Icarus. If you put more detail to the birds, make 'em bigger or something like that, it should look awesome. Although your style is more derpy, you should take a look at actual pictures of that flying dinosaurs and study them. Draw them in your style then you'll be able to make that picture epic (

Well all I have to say is, that you done a nice job but you are way to go to make that picture awesome.

3/5 Stars
Carry on! I like 'yer style

The Kraken - Concept Art The Kraken - Concept Art

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wow, this is sooo good mate I mean...
You can even feel the emptiness. I mean the emptiness inside you know.
It's just like one of those moments where everything is lost, without any music, sound or anything and after that short moment *flapp* - gone.

I can't describe how good this concept looks for me and I'm a frickin' poet dude! Won't you make a bloody poet speechless, will ya!? :D

So yeah, from the other point of view, nice concept art, the right tentacle on the top should need some redrawing it looks a tiny little pity bittle flat and the tentacles itself looks a bit to sharpy for a kraken. What I exactly mean is like, tentacles are going more flawing like...phew, have a look at this art as example and look close at the tentacles. They go more with the flow of the underwater-waves. You know, they are going not like those.

Also I know what you did there with the mouth of the kraken huehuehue, H.P.Lovecraft reference incoming :3
Well if it should look more dangerous throw more teeth at it. The tiny ones. I know it's a shitload of work but it's worth it.

So for the light, the left big tooth you missed with the shadows a bit or I just can't see it right here cos it's almost damn midnight but ths is the only thing, maybe the tentacle in the back right you should overthink a bit with the light cos the tip of it looks pretty dark and well the light shines almost right on it if I saw that arrow right.

After all you did a great job and I look forward for more art from you mate.

4/5 Stars
Amazing, yet still some stuff to do.

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LinkTCOne responds:

Wow! Thanks for the detailed review :)

I appreciate the kind words - yeah Lovecraft is a big influence - he's not technically a Kraken, he's an old god from a Comic Book I'm working on. His name is The Memory Eater - I haven't giving him a proper "Cthulu" name yet.

Thanks for the critique -I'll be uploading the inked version in a couple of days.